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being a friend essay

today nak bagi korang essay 'Being A Friend' . weda buat sendiri tau ! hehe . amik quotes yang weda tahu and mix kan dekat dalam essay ni . weda tak ada lah rajin nak buat essay ni . essay ni tercipta pun disebabkan ada PBS english ! haha . here is it 

 "no man is an island" . In this world we all need a good friend in our life instead of family . a good friend is someone who understands your past , believes in your future and accept you just the way you are . they don't talk behind your back and betray you in anyway.

 It's not easy to be a good friend . TRUST is important in any friendship . I do not want to be in doubt about what my friend said wheater it is true or not . telling lies is a kind of thing that makes a friendship over . what is more when I tell my friend something important or secret . I want to make sure that she will not tell anybody .

 on the other hand is loyalty . we need friends not only when we're happy but also when we're upset . a good friend will always being there for you no matter what & someone who never gets tired of listening to your pointless dramas over and over again . 

 being comfort to your friends in their time . being fun and share your problems . having a good time with them over the years . creats the memories that last you lifetime . your life will be more enjoyable to live with good friends . 

yeayyy ! tapi tak tahu lagi result . achive or not achive . hopefully lepas lah . Amin !